Welcome to Skaraborg Hospital

Skaraborg Hospital provides services in four locations in the Skaraborg area: Skövde, Lidköping, Falköping and Mariestad. We provide specialist care in some thirty specialities and more than 4 200 employees work to provide good care to the inhabitants of the Västra Götaland region. We work systematically from a long-term perspective to give patients reliable care and our employees a fulfilling and pleasant workplace.

In our endeavours to offer good care we work constantly for increased patient safety. This requires long-term, methodical work in which all employees are invited to participate.

To avoid patients experiencing any organisational boundaries we work together with primary care and municipalities. 

We have a combined total of nearly 800 beds.

During 2012

40 000 patients were admitted
406 600 out patient visits
19 500 operations were carried out
 2 463 babies were born 



Skaraborg Hospital Skövde

Skövde Hospital is an emergency hospital offering 24-hour broadly specialised medical care. Many unique skills and methods have been developed at Skövde Hospital, where there is ongoing research in most specialities.

Visiting address:
Lövängsvägen, Skövde

Postal address:
Skaraborgs Sjukhus Skövde,
SE 541 85 Skövde

Telephone +46 500 43 10 00 (switchboard)
Fax +46 500-43 27 19



Skaraborg Hospital Lidköping

Lidköping Hospital is an emergency hospital offering most specialities. After completed conversion and extensive improvements this hospital is very modern and well-equipped.

Visiting address:
Mellbygatan 11-15, Lidköping

Postal address:
Skaraborgs Sjukhus Lidköping,
SE 531 85 Lidköping

Telephone: +46 510 850 00 (switchboard)
Fax +46 510-850 10


Skaraborg Hospital Falköping 

Falköping Hospital offers medical care in various specialist functions. Mainly planned care is offered, but in some specialities emergency appointments are offered. The Day Surgery centre is where most of all day surgery at Skaraborg Hospital is carried out.

All adult in-patient mental care in Skaraborg is provided by Falköping Hospital as well as a general psychiatry clinic with an emergency reception that is open 24 hours a day. A new forensic psychiatry unit opened in 2011.

Visiting address:
Danska vägen 62,

Postal address:
Skaraborgs Sjukhus Falköping,
SE 521 85 Falköping

Telephone: +46 515 870 00 (switchboard)
Fax + 46 515-870 07


Skaraborg Hospital Mariestad

Mariestad Hospital has clinics in various specialist functions and an internal medicine nursing ward. Mainly planned care is offered, but in some specialities emergency daytime appointments are offered.
A child and youth centre is the result of collaboration between habilitation, paediatric/adolescent medicine and child/adolescent psychiatry. The child health care developmental neurology unit is also here.


Visiting address: 
Lockerudsvägen 12

Postal address:
P O Box 411,
SE 542 24 Mariestad

Telephone +46 501 625 00 (switchboard)
Fax +46 501-628 77