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Healthcare in Västra Götaland

Official health care guide for Västra Götaland

If you are ill, need health care or have general questions concerning the health care in Västra Götaland, please call the health care service 1177. If you call from outside Sweden the number is: +46 771 11 77 00.

In case of emergency call 112 

Swedish Poisons Information Center

In case of emergency, call 112 – request poisons information. Non-emergencies, call +46 (0)8 33 12 31.

Patients’ Advisory Committee

Contact the Patients’ Advisory Committee if you have opinions, complaints or questions about the health services.

Looking for a job or an internship?

If you are looking for job or internship programs in the healthcare sector in Västra Götaland, please contact the hospitals in Västra Götaland. The heathcare in Västra Götaland is divided into four different geographical areas, with several hospitals in each area.

Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg

NU-sjukvården, hospitals in these cities: Trollhättan, Uddevalla, Strömstad, Lysekil and Bäckefors.

Skaraborg Hospital, hospitals in these cities: Falköping, Skövde, Lidköping and Mariestad

Kungälv hospital: Hospital in the city Kungälv

International Relations

For other questions or comments, please contact:  

Charlotta Lundström, head of the unit External Relations.
Phone, office: +46 10 441 02 41
Mobile: +46 70 328 15 23

External Relations Unit

Brussels office

Region Västra Götaland's office in Brussels

Political bodies

The Regional Council of Västra Götaland

The Regional Executive Board of Region Västra Götaland