All about Västra Götaland: Meetings. People. Diversity.

This brochure presents some examples of what Västra Götaland has to offer – both on a professional level and a personal level, for visitors and for residents.


Download the brochure and enjoy! (pdf) 

Many things of great importance such as trade, enterprise and research, but also entertainment, love and good quality of life, share a common ground: they are based on interaction and meetings between people. And our part of the world has been an important meeting place for thousands of years.

The geographic location in northern Europe, the heart of Scandinavia, is central. People from all over the world come here to do business, get education and training, visit as tourists, or build a future for themselves and their families. An open, inclusive social climate has created a diversity of businesses, enterprises, lifestyles and ideas that contribute to Västra Götaland's continuous renewal and development. This diversity reflects the region’s inhabitants, the mix of smaller towns, cities and the countryside as well as the flourishing activities.