Politicians with international assignments

 CPMR Göteborg september 2009

Photo: Sergio Joselovsky

Region Västra Götaland is an active member in a number of of cross-border, transnational and European organisations and networks. Our aim is to monitor the EU agenda and contribute to making the regional level more visible and influental in Europe. We also aim to make new connections and promote Västra Götaland in Europe.

Here you can read about which of our politicians have international assignments.

Joakim Larsson (MP)
Member of the Committee of Regions

Magnus Berntsson (KD)
Vice president and treasurer of Assembly of European Regions (AER) 

Kerstin Brunnström (S)
President of the North Sea Commission 

Gunilla Levén (M)
Vice chair of SERN
Member of EARLALL
Member of the Baltic Sea Commission 

Birgitta Losman (MP)
Member of Göteborg-Oslo-samarbetet
Member of Den Skandinaviska Arenan

Kristina Jonäng (C)
Member of ENCORE
Member of CPMR 

Martin Andreasson (M)
Member of the Committee of Regions 

Birgitta Adolfsson (L)
Chair of the Culture and Tourism Group, North Sea Commission

Anders Fasth (KD)
Chair of the Marine Resource Group, North Sea Commission 

Patrik Karlsson (S)
Member of Göteborg-Oslo-samarbetet  
Substitute of SERN
Substitute of Den skandinaviska Arenan

Alex Bergström (S)
Member of the Baltic Sea Commission

Tina Ehn (MP)
Member of REVES

Lena Malm (S)
Member of the Assembly of European Regions (AER)

Uno Nilsson (S)
Substitute of Svinesundskommittén