Networking for the environment in Västra Götaland

Promoting biogas as fuel

Biogas Väst
Promoting biogas as fuel

In Västra Götaland there is a strong political will to invest in biogas as a climate-smart vehicle fuel. Read about the successful collaboration in the network Biogas West:

Biogas West

Studio Redesign

Studio Redesign

Creating business opportunities with professional redesign. Studio Re:design - now Re-textile - is a collaboration project between the region, a university, a charity and a society for nature conservation, and not least: businesses...

Studio Re:design

Energy efficient buildings

Energy efficient buildings

Our vision is reduced climate impact, both in new and renovated buildings. At the same time, we aim at promoting innovations, development, employment and export in Western Sweden’s building sector.

Energy effeicient builings

Our own goals

Our own goals

The environmental programme covers all of Region Västra Götaland’s own administrations and
companies and operations commissioned by Region Västra Götaland.

Environmental programme 2014-2016

The climate and other environmental issues are huge challenges, but also business opportunities för large and small entrepreneurs. Region Västra Götaland promotes sustainable development in Västra Götaland through environment collaboration, networks and partnerships.

Collaboration is the key

The externally oriented environmental efforts involves contributing with ideas, financial support and facilitating networks. This is done in close cooperation with local authorities, trade and industry, universities and other players.

The Smart Energy climate change dialogue is a major climate initiative being pursued by Region Västra Götaland and the 49 local authorities. The goal is for Västra Götaland to be independent of fossil energy by 2030.

Some of our tasks

Region Västra Götaland  focuses on promoting and developing the market for:  

  • energy-efficient building, including passive houses.
  • bioenergy such as solar energy and wind power.
  • biofuel, biogas and hydrogen in particular.
  • the environmental performance of shipping.
  • use of  sustainable and considerate design  
  • organic and regionally produced food.

Our own organisation

Being a large organisation it is important to be a forerunner. Our internal environmental effort includes, for example, procuring environment-friendly products, for instance furniture and textiles and reducing the environmental impact of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and transportation. Since 2004, all cars purchased have been eco-cars. 

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