From ideas to results

Västra Götaland is home to most of Swedens´engineering, environmental and consumer research, successful companies and industrial expertise with high environmental ambitions and- not least - skilled environment-conscious people.

We develop strategies

It has been said that 40% of all environmentally connected research in Sweden takes place in the Region of Västra Götaland. Researchers, innovators, business people and politicians all agree about the objective to strenghten Västra Götaland as a leading actor of environmentally propelled development in Europe.

We collaborate

Developing strategies for furhter environmental development in collaboration with business organisations, the County Administrative Board and other authorities, the universities, the 49 municipalities, NGO:s and many others, is a vital role for Region Västra Götaland.

We support environment development projects

Supporting local and other initiatives that aim for sustainable development in Västra Götaland is important. For instance, financing projects and participating in different networks for environment and public health and environmental business development are main roles.

Our priority task areas are:

  • food
  • climate/energy
  • transport
  • sustainable consumtion and production 

We let our internal environmental work be part of the development

Region Västra Götaland has 550.000 employees in several large hospitals, in dental and primary health care, in public transport, education, in care of real estate, and in other fields. The Region as a large organisation has a responsibility to set a good example but also to act as forerunners.

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