Energy efficient buildings


The Lindås houses, Göteborg are 20 detached passive houses built in 2001 and evaluated in 2011 with very positive results. Photo: Architect Hans Eek

Our vision is reduced climat impact through more efficient energy usage in Western Sweden’s building sector, both in new and renovated buildings. But we also aim to promote innovations, development, employment and export in Western Sweden’s building sector.

  • 40% of Sweden’s total energy consumption is used in buildings
  • 85% of that energy is used after construction has been completed
  • We have the knowledge and technology for energy efficient building

Our strategy

The Region Västra Götaland Environmental Committee replaced the succesful 2008-2010 action programme with a new that ran from 2011 to 2013. We continue to work with these qustions after this period ended. Our methods are to:

  • Encourage and support decision makers
  • Support public and private building contractors in creating a market for passive houses and energy efficient buildings
  • Give entrepreneurs, contractors and consultants the tools they need for energy efficient building
  • Strengthen cooperation between research, private companies and public institutions
  • Cooperate internationally, exchange experiences and market Western Sweden

Build with CaRe

Region Västra Götaland was the lead partner in the Northsea Region Project Build with CaRe, where "Ca" stood for carbon and "Re" for reduction.

Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland

Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland, is a regional competence centre for energy efficient buildin, including passive house technology, that is co-financed with Alingsås municipality.

Mistra Urban Futures

Mistra Urban Futures is an international Centre for research and knowledge which aims to become a world leader of knowledge production for sustainable urban development both through theory and practice