The Regional Council

The Regional Council has 149 democratically elected members and is responsible for the long-term objectives and visions for Region Västra Götaland’s work and for financial management.

It’s members are directly elected in general elections every four years. The current political composition of the Regional Council reflects the results of the general election of autumn 2014 and the council is controlled by a political coalition between the Moderate Party (Moderaterna), the Liberal People’s Party (Folkpartiet), the Centre Party (Centerpartiet), the Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna) and the Green Party (miljöpartiet).

The Regional Council decides on overarching objectives and emphasis, priorities, and resource allocation. The Regional Council distributes the budget to the various political committees and boards, who in turn decide how the funds are to be used within their own respective fields of responsibility.

The Regional Council's Presiding Committee, consisting of three members of the council, leads the work and proceedings in the Regional Council that convenes seven times a year in Vänersborg’s municipal chambers.

 President of the Regional Council
Joakim Larsson (the Green Party)
Mobile: +46 (0)703-40 83 89



Per Tenggren (S)
First Vice President
Per Tenggren (the Social Democratic Party)
Mobile: +46 (0)700-82 55 77



Magnus BerntssonSecond Vice President
Magnus Berntsson (the Christian Democrats)
Mobile: +46 (0)707-14 47 39