Patients’ Advisory Committee

Do you have opinions, complaints or questions about the health services?

If you are dissatisfied with the care, reception or treatment you or someone close to you has received, you can air your views with the Patients’ Advisory Committee (Patientnämnden) free of charge. The primary task of the patients’ advisory committee is to assist you when problems have arisen which have proven unsolvable during your contact with health care.

The Committee (nämnden) is an independent and impartial body that all county councils must establish by law. This is where you should turn for all matters regarding the publicly financed health services.

What does the Patients’ Advisory Committee do?

  • We listen to your points of view, investigate what has happened, suggest solutions and try to put things right
  • We work to promote good relations between you and health service personnel
  • We provide information on how the health services work and on your rights and opportunities to get involved and influence the care you receive.
  • We help you take things further if need be
  • We cannot order damages or disciplinary measures, but we can help you contact higher authorities.
  • We work to improve the health services. By contacting the Patients’ Advisory Committee you help bring attention to mistakes and shortcomings.

Patients’ Advisory Committee work independently of health care and are bound to observe professional secrecy.


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