Creating conditions for good living habits

Foto: Frank Palm. Folkhälsopolitisk policy, goda levnadsvanor

Photo: Frank Palm

People’s powers and ambitions towards change should be made the most of. Everyone should be given means to shoulder responsibility for his own health. In the process of promoting health and preventing disease it is of vital importance to incor­porate the entire life situation of the individual, not as separate factors one by one.

Health and lifestyle are greatly influenced by society’s social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions. In order to promote healthy living habits, venues and activities that are positive for people’s health and health development are important.

An active non-profit sector that works well is an important part of society’s efforts towards equal health and a resource in the process for good living habits.

Healthcare and dental care should support a development towards equity in health. Health promoting healthcare and dental care have key roles in the efforts for good living conditions through their specific skills and means of contact with the public.


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