Increased participation in working life

Foto: Frank Palm. Folkhälsopolitisk policy, ökat arbetsdeltagande

Photo: Frank Palm

Chances to take part in working life is fundamental in a welfare society. Jobs contribute to sustainable development and create an added value by offering participation and influence.

Work is a health promoting factor provided that the work environ­ment is adapted to individual qualities and needs. The basis for a healthy working life is a working environment that is mentally and physically healthy. This is of crucial importance to people’s health and to public health in general. Women and men should be offered a chance of work participation without being faced with discrimination.

An easily accessible working life adapted to the various qualities and needs of people and of the different phases of life contributes to welfare development and could help to prevent social exclusion.

The non-profit sector is an arena for work participation and an important part of social economy stimulating social development through private initiatives and entrepreneurship.


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