Region Västra Götaland is developing a system to monitor health inequalities

Taking actions against health inequalities seriously presumes a systematic monitoring of health inequalities within a certain area. As Sir Michael Marmot put it: “No data, no problem. No problem, no action”.

The Public Health Committee in Region Västra Götaland has been commissioned by the Regional Council to develop a monitoring system as part of their regional action plan against health inequalities within the region. This is a development project running during 2014. 

- To be a useful tool for a successful Health in all policies-approach, it is important that the monitoring system will be consistent with current knowledge about mechanisms behind inequalities, both in terms of health outcomes and the distribution of the social determinants, says Mr Jan Alexandersson, Chair of the Public Health Committee.

For this reason it is vital that a communication among stakeholders within the region as well as outside is established to make the monitoring system consistent. Therefore the Public Health Committee wants to invite other regions and colleagues to participate in the process as reference persons. The public health secretariat is currently outlining the variables to be included and the way to analyse these data. A first “draft” of a system is planned to be compiled by late May.

- It is then supposed to be scrutinised by our reference groups. This will enable us to have a rich amount of comments and viewpoints for a revision during the autumn and by the end of 2014 come up with an elaborated monitoring system, says Dr Göran Henriksson, senior public health advisor at the Secretariat to the Public Health Committee.

If you want more information or want to participate in a reference group you are welcome to get in contact with the team in Västra Götaland. You find contact information to the right.  


Göran Henriksson, Senior Advisor for Public Health, Public Health Secretariat , Region Västra Götaland,