Safe and satisfactory early-life conditions

Foto: Frank Palm. Folkhälsopolitisk policy, trygga och goda uppväxtvillkor

Photo: Frank Palm

In a constantly changing reality children and young people are particularly vulnerable. Growing-up conditions may have consequences much later in life. Prerequisites for good mental and physical health are established in childhood. Special focus should be given to the different growing-up conditions of girls and boys.

The life situation of the family is important to the child’s growing-up conditions and future. The family should be provided with a bas to make it the child’s most important resource.

Children’s and young people’s participation and influence make the development of the individual and of the democratic process of society possible. Children and young people should have opportunities to boost their social identities and gain experience and knowledge that is required in their choices of life and life as adults. Examples of arenas are family centres, pre-schools and schools, guidance centres for young people, centres for leisure activities and voluntary activities.


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