Development in Västra Götaland

For us, regional development is about making the best of the conditions in Västra Götaland and to work towards sustainable growth and development.  A lot of the work is done in collaboration with others, such as companies, organizations, municipalities, universities and government agencies.

The Regional Development Secretariat has the overall responsibility for questions concerning regional development in Västra Götaland in West Sweden.

Below you find more information about what we do in specific areas such as Infrastructure, Research and Development, Trade and Industry, etc.

A Competetive Region

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Communications and Infrastructure

Västra Götaland is Sweden’s foremost region for transportation and industry and a transit zone for freight from the whole of Scandinavia. Göteborg has the largest port in Scandinavia.

Region Västra Götaland works to improve traffic systems, infrastructure, IT networks and public transport in Västra Götaland. One of its main tasks is to persuade the Government, Parliament and national traffic agencies to increase investment in better roads. Region Västra Götaland also contributes funds to enable roads to be upgraded sooner than was planned by national authorities.

Together with the local authorities, Region Västra Götaland owns Västtrafik AB that is responsible for public transport in the form of buses, trams, trains and ferries. Good public transport improves accessibility to work and education and is a prerequisite for sustainable development. It is especially important to create possibilities for the region’s citizens to reach other places inside and outside the region quickly, safely and in environment-friendly ways.

Trade and Industry

If ideas are to grow and develop into healthy, profitable companies, they need good breeding grounds. Region Västra Götaland works for example with developing entrepreneurship by interesting young people in enterprise, supporting innovations and providing financing of different kinds to support companies. Region Västra Götaland strengthens and develops areas that are important to Västra Götaland’s trade and industry, such as biomedicine and health, vehicles, energy, films and the experience sector.

Among other things, this includes supporting cooperation on research and development between universities/colleges and companies in areas that are important for Västra Götaland.

Research and Development for growth

Compared to the rest of Europe, Västra Götaland tops the ranking when it comes to trade and industry’s investment in research and develop­ment (R&D). In order for Västra Götaland to continue to be attractive for research and development, it is important that its universities and other institutions of higher education maintain a high international standard. Good cooperation between companies and institutions of higher education is important. Region Västra Götaland stimulates R&D cooperation between companies and institutions of higher education in areas that are important to Västra Götaland’s growth and development.

Education and Competence

One key to competitive, sustainable prosperity is well-educated citizens. Together with universities, university colleges and other education providers, Region Västra Götaland analyses and adapts tertiary education to the needs of working life.

Another important area of focus is to reduce the differences in the level of educational attainment. Our own educational centres are important in pushing development forward. Region Västra Götaland runs seven rural studies colleges and six folk high schools.

International Cooperation

In order to follow and influence decision-making in the EU, Region Västra Götaland is a member of international organisations and networks. Region Västra Götaland also participates in EU Programmes and projects.


The Regional Development Secretariat has the overall responsibility concerning regional development in Västra Götaland in western Sweden.

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