Five strong clusters in West Sweden

Five strong clusters in West Sweden have been identified jointly by leading representatives from the academia and the public and private sectors. The clusters each have a long tradition, and they all face some exciting challenges.

The five clusters are

  • Urban future
  • The marine environment and the maritime sector
  • Transport solutions
  • Green chemistry and bio based products
  • Life science

The intention is for these clusters to develop crossboundary collaborations, something Gothenburg and West Sweden have always done over the years. The region is characterized by openness to the surrounding world, both nationally and internationally. It is also known for the closeness between the academia and the public and private sectors, not to mention the openness among people in general.

Urban Future

Sweden is one of the leading countries within sustainable urban development and is therefore a role model internationally. For a long time, West Sweden has been one of the most attractive regions of the country to live and work in, and few areas in Europe have grown more population-wise in the last 20 years. 

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The Marine Environment and the Maritime Sector

The sea is one of West Sweden’s core assets and entrepreneurship linked to the marine environment goes way back. Herring fishing, shipbuilding, ocean trade, and port operations are some examples. The maritime cluster as a whole is well rooted in academia and the public and private sectors of the region.

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Transport Solutions

The transportation sector is facing enormous challenges in a global perspective. Climate researchers estimate that for the so-called two-degree target to be achieved, CO2 emissions from road transports must be reduced by 90 percent by 2050. West Sweden’s ability to recruit and focus resources and to work across boundaries will make a difference.

Green Chemistry and Bio Based Products

A sustainable development of the world we live in will require substantial changes in its flows of materials and energy. Such a major process of change will be impossible without hard work and a team effort involving the academia and the public and private sectors. West Sweden is uniquely suited to lead the development within bio-based products and so-called green chemistry.

Life Science

The field of life science covers a large number of challenges from the regional to the global level, including possible solutions. There is a focus on health and healthcare, and problems for example related to an aging population, antibiotic resistance, and pandemics. West Sweden’s public actors have expressed a clear emphasis on life science for example by commissioning former Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson to assess what needs to and can be done to develop the life science sector.