Infrastructure and ICT

Road construction work

Region Västra Götaland acts to improve the traffic systems, infrastructure, IT nets and public transport in Västra Götaland. Our aim is that travelling, goods transports, transfer of information inside the region, to and from the region should be easy, effortless and cost effective.

Sustainability and high level security are important starting-points. Satisfactory international accessibility is of strategic importance for the development of the region.

Focus on a modern railroad system

A major task is to exert an influence on Government, Parliament and national traffic authorities to increase their financial support for better and safer roads in a substantial way. Västra Götaland also needs a modern railroad system allowing for faster trains and more trains on the tracks. It is necessary for the transport system – including sea and air – to operate as one united whole.

Improving public transport

Public transport also needs to be extended and improved. The Region Västra Götaland owns Västtrafik Ltd (traffic company) in partnership with the municipalities. Using public transport should be made more attractive. This gives increased freedom for people to choose where to live and a more balanced regional development.

Providing IT broadband to the entire region

Further development of IT broadband is under way with government support. The communications unit makes decisions and handles disbursement to the municipalities. The aim is to provide companies and citizens in the entire region with opportunities to receive and submit large amounts of information in a fast and secure manner.


Max Falk
Head of the unit Infrastructure at the Regional Development Secreteriat.
Office Phone: +46 10 44 11 633
Cell phone: +46 70 470 05 88