Västra Götaland and EU Programmes


The European Union’s Cohesion Policy aims to even out the differences in economic development between its Member States and regions. The Cohesion Policy is realised through Structural Funds. The Structural Funds comprise 36 percent of the European Union’s total budget.

Region Västra Götaland’s Function

Region Västra Götaland coordinated Western Sweden’s application for a Structural Funds programme for regional competitiveness and employment 2007-2013. The unit for EU programmes acts as the secretariat for some of the programmes presented on the links in the left hand navigation menu. Other tasks include generating and developing projects, project quality enhancement, information, coordination etc.

In addition, it also performs analyses of the Cohesion Policy and related issues, at national as well as international level. In the long term there are two central topics: the reform of the European Union’s budget policy – in particular the agricultural policy, and positions and priorities with concern to the next programming period, beyond 2013.