International Coordination in Region Västra Götaland


Photo: Sergio Joselovsky

Västra Götaland is located in the the western part of Sweden and the territory has been highly internationally dependent for long. Västra Götaland is a region that is open to the surrounding world. 

Foreign trade, international communication and other contacts with foreign countries have been important factors for development and prosperity. As internationalisation and economic integration increase, so does the dependence on the surrounding world. This is true of trade and industry as well as of other sectors and activities.

An active member

Region Västra Götaland is an active member of regional organisations and networks on a European level, as well as the subregional level around the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and in south-western Scandinavia. Our organisation is also involved in several cooperation agreements and different kinds of projects.

International conferences and cultural events

Region Västra Götaland attaches great importance to hosting study visits, arranging international conferences and taking part in various cultural events in other countries. Many of the companies in the region are active in the international arena. You can find out more on the websites for the Göteborg Opera, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the West Sweden Tourist Board and Sahlgrenska International Care (see the page footer for links). 

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