Knowledge and Competence Development

Elever på Bergsjöns folkhögskola. 

One of the most important issues for Region Västra Götaland’s development  in the long term is a high level in education and research. Regions with well educated people attract investment and develop more rapidly. Well-educated citizen help to create sustainable welfare. The fast development of working life and technology requires an equally fast development of competences and knowledge. Increased investments in the development of human resources are necessary.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for the competitive power of the business sector and the inhabitants’ opportunities to live a life of development. Lifelong learning means that education, training and competence development  are carried out in close cooperation with the education system, society and the business sector. Development of knowledge and competence is done hand-in-hand. A well-developed structure for lifelong learning offers better chances to overcome the lack of balance in supply and demand on the labour market.