Research, Innovation and Technology Development in Västra Götaland

Research and development.

Photos by: Sundeip Arora, Franklin Carrero, Rodolfo Clix.

Västra Götaland in Sweden, Scandinavia, tops the ranking in Europe when it comes to trade and industry’s investment in Research and Technology Development (RTD).

In order for Västra Götaland to continue to be innovative and attractive for research and development, we aim for our universities and other institutions of higher education to maintain a high international standard. We also encourage good cooperation between companies and institutions of higher education.

Region Västra Götaland particulary stimulates RTD cooperation between companies and institutions of higher education in the key RTD and innovation areas of Västra Götaland.


Helena L Nilsson
Head of the unit for Research and Technology Development at the Regional Development Secreteriat
Telephone: +46 10 441 16 38
Cell phone: +46 70 663 09 18