The Regional RTD and Innovation Strategy

According to the European Innovation Scoreboard 2008, Sweden belongs to the innovation leaders, with an innovation performance well above that of the EU average and all other countries. Västra Götaland is characterised by a high level of RTD expenditures by businesses, in fact occupying a top position in Europe in this respect.

Consequently, a key future challenge is to further develop this position while mastering the transformations needed to meet the challenges of society. The Region’s RTD and innovation strategy focus on the attractiveness for knowledge intensive production and RTD, adressing the industry’s ability to stay globally competitive and to increase the innovation capacity, particularly in SMEs.

The strategy resides on three pillars: Entrepreneurship, Innovative SMEs and RTD driven clusters. It combines relevance and excellence, targeting key areas which has been identified as strong drivers for growth and development in the region, as well as the nation.

Region Västra Götaland on the European Arena

The regions of Europe are increasingly significant players in creating favourable conditions and infrastructures for research and innovation across the EU. The regional governance is an important factor in the development of the European Research Area (ERA) and the Knowledge Triangle, i.e. the interplay between education, research and innovation. In this respect, the role of Region Västra Götaland is to coordinate its policy, strategy and intitiatives to national and European policies.

It implies also catalysing joint actions with RTD stakeholders, engaging in European RTD collaborations and initiatives, developing a position in Europe and globally. For example, on the basis of the interdisciplinary cross-sector RTD Cluster Smart Textiles ( Region Västra Götaland has a leading role in the FP7 ERANET “CROSSTEXNET Textiles at the Cross Road of New Applications”. It is project where 15 regional and 2 national funding agencies across Europe collaborates to make more and smarter funding available to European textile research and clusters through international co-ordination, a common European strategy and joint programming of research programs.

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