Maritime Development, Industry and Strategy

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Shipping is an important part of the history of the west coast of Sweden and the maritime industry remains one of the most important industries in Västra Götaland. For example, the Port of Gothenburg is by far the largets port in Scandinavia.

Region Västra Götaland holds the responsibility to coordinate activities for the development of the maritime sector in Västra Götaland. This is done through a maritime partnership between the public sector, private companies and research facilities, such as  Lighthouse at Chalmers University of Technology.

We also have close cooperation with EU, national authorities and our neighbouring countries.

Maritime strategy

Maritime StrategyRegion Västra Götaland has taken upon itself the task of drawing up a maritime strategy together with all the stakeholders concerned in the region, not least the maritime industry. The strategy is based on a vision for the maritime sector in Västra Götaland inspired by the work being done by our neighbours:

"A common course for Blue West: Västra Götaland shall be one of Europe’s leading maritime regions with solutions focused on innovation and environmentally compatible growth".

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Maritime Clusters in Västra Götaland

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