Future of Food - Nobel Week Dialogue


Nobel Week Dialogue is a free of charge, full-day event and part of the official Nobel Week programme. This year's theme is "The Future of Food".

Future of Food

Topics will range from a micro to macro perspective: How will what I put on my plate affect my health? How is our planet affected by our choices?

The event aims to stimulate discussion at the highest level on a topical science-related theme by bringing together Nobel Laureates, the world’s leading scientists and experts, key opinion leaders, policy makers and the general public, online as well as on site. By bridging science and society, it’s an opportunity to stimulate thinking, excite imagination and inspire greatness! Nobel Week Dialogue is arranged in partnership with Akademiska Hus, Carl Bennet AB, City of Gothenburg, Ericsson and Region Västra Götaland and is organised by Nobel Media AB.

Video and Live Stream

Follow the event by live stream on Youtube and social media.

Friday 9 December 10:00 am to 5:00 pm CET

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Seminarium 8 december: Hur ska livsmedelsbranschen få ny näring?

Dagen innan NWD arrangerar VGR dialogseminaret ”Hur ska livsmedelsbranschen få ny näring?” Bland de medverkande syns både statsråd, branschföreträdare och regionala beslutsfattare. Tillsammans med företrädare från Lantbrukarnas riksförbund (LRF), Livsmedelsföretagen och Visita deltar regiondirektör Ann-Sofi Lodin i en dialog om branschernas behov, inte minst vad gäller kompetens. 

Länk till seminarieprogrammet


Lisa Belfrage, regionutvecklare
Mobil: 070-082 43 41

Berit Mattsson, Miljöstrateg livsmedel
Mobil: 0703-86 43 00