Entrepreneurship, innovation and new companies in Västra Götaland

Lindholmen Science Park

Region Västra Götaland works actively to encourage more people to start up companies in Västra Götaland. In particular, efforts are made to start up and develop more technology and knowledge based growth companies that operate in an international market.

We also work to encourage more women and people with non-Swedish backgrounds to start up companies. We do this among other things by making grants to incubators for company development and by offering newly established technology- and resource-intensive companies seed capital.

In order for new companies to contribute to greater competitiveness and regional growth, more new companies must develop new products, processes and concepts that can compete in markets outside the region.

To generate more innovative and knowledge-intensive companies with growth potential, Region Västra Götaland works to strengthen the innovation chain. This is done among other things through activities to influence attitudes, efforts aimed at developing ideas into commercial projects and support for company formation and start-up companies. 

Contact persons:

Marie Sjövall
+46 31 63 09 87

Lars-Erik Larsson
+46 521 27 58 61

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