Establishing a company in Västra Götaland, Sweden

Have you recently started up a company or are you thinking of doing so? Västra Götaland in the heart of Scandinavia is actively taking action to facilitate for new companies that can contribute to increase our competitiveness in an international perspective and to create regional growth.

General useful information and national agencies Entrepreneurs' Guide, business information and tools for starting and developing a business in Sweden

The Swedish tax agency (Skatteverket)

The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket )

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tiilväxtverket)

Invest in Sweden Agency

Organisations in Västra Götaland

Below you will find a number of organisations in Västra Götaland to whom you can turn for free advice or other help when you want to start a company. All of them are partly or wholly publicly funded.

Almi Företagspartner Väst AB

Almi västAlmi Företagspartner Väst exists throughout the county. Their services are primarily directed at companies that need business counselling or help with company development or funding. They also offer advice and loans to innovators, i.e. people who have an idea that can be patented and commercialised.

Almi IFS Väst AB

Almi företagspartnerAlmi IFS Väst AB offers its services to entrepreneurs and start-up owners with non-Swedish backgrounds. IFS has advisors of other ethnic backgrounds than Swedish who can offer advice in some 15 different minority languages. IFS has offices in Göteborg and Borås. On certain days, advisors are also available at Almi in Trollhättan and Skövde.

Web-site (Swedish only): 

Connect Väst

Connect Väst logotypeThrough its so-called Språngbrädan (“Springboard”), Connect Väst offers entrepreneurs with start-up companies free access to a network of people with long commercial experience. Språngbrädan gives the company access to the networks it needs to bring in knowledge, competence and capital.

Web-site (Swedish only): 


Coompanion logotypeCoompanion has offices throughout the county and offers its services to entrepreneurs who want to start a company together in the form of different cooperative solutions or economic associations.



Drivhuset logotypeDrivhuset is located in four cities in the region: Göteborg, Trollhättan, Borås and Skövde. They primarily offer their services to students at the University of Gothenburg and the region’s institutions of higher education, who can receive help in assessing and developing their ideas.


Hushållningssällskapet Väst (Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies)

Hushållssällskapet västHushållningssällskapet Väst has its home in Vänersborg and offers its services to people who wish to start or run a business in agriculture, crop production, forestry or other agriculture-related industry.

Web-site (Swedish only):  

Mind Your Own Business

Mind your own business logoMind Your Own Business is the name of two start-up offices located in Angered and on Kungstorget in Göteborg. The offices have drop-in service during the day and their services are aimed at anyone who is thinking of starting a business or wants help to test their idea. They offer counselling that does not need to be booked in advance and connect their clients with a number of advisory organisations in Västra Götaland and the National Tax Agency, the Public Employment Services and the Social Insurance Agency. They also arrange “Start your own business” days together with the National Tax Agency, Nyföretagarcentrum, IFS and others.

Web-site (Swedish only): Mind Your Own Business web-site


Nyföretagarcentrum logotypeNyföretagarcentrum has offices throughout the county. Besides offering advice, they also arrange “Start your own business” days in collaboration with the National Tax Agency, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and other organisations. They also operate Club Eget that is aimed at business people who have been running their companies for less than three years.




Verksamt logtype är en portal för dig som driver eller vill starta företag.


Webplatsen Genväg hjälper entreprenörer och innovatörer i Västra Götaland att komma i kontakt med kostnadsfri rådgivning, att hitta finansiering och kompetensutveckling eller annan hjälp som behövs vid uppstart och utveckling av företag, eller vid utveckling av en idé.