The human rights department

Systematic work with human rights

The human rights department works on behalf of the Committee on human rights in the Västra Götaland Region. The department supports the development of systematic work on human rights in the Västra Götaland Region by developing knowledge and methods to promote a rights-based approach, monitoring work and presenting proposals for improvements.


An action plan for human rights

In collaboration with organisations in the Västra Götaland Region and representatives of civil society, the human rights department will draw up a proposal for a concerted inter-regional action plan for work on human rights. The plan will apply from 2017 to 2021.

Pilot project on rights-based work

The department has worked closely with three organisations for three years to learn more about how an organisation can work with a rights-based approach in practice, putting the rights of the individual in focus.
Rights-based work

Courses on human rights

The human rights department works continuously with various courses for politicians and employees in the Västra Götaland Region. In recent years the focus has been on giving all politicians and administration managers basic education in human rights. The department also offers courses on children's rights.
Courses on human rights

TD - an accessibility database

The department is responsible for managing and developing the only Swedish database on accessibility in everyday life for inhabitants and visitors. TD exists as an inventory of accessibility in the physical environment and operates as an aid to visitors, but it also provides politicians with a basis for making decisions and gives property owners suggestions for measures to take. While we make an inventory of premises, the database is filled with information. In the first instance TD is intended for organisations in the Västra Götaland Region, but other municipalities, county councils and private actors can join.
TD - an accessibility database

Inhabitant dialogue for more participation and integration

The department supports and develops the committee on human rights consultation and arranges a dialogue with reference groups for children and young people.
Consultation deepens and develops inhabitant dialogue

Successful labour market initiative

Since 2013 the department of human rights has offered a number of young people in long-term unemployment a job making an inventory of physical accessibility in TD. This initiative has given them a break in their unemployment and they have gained important work experience. The initiative is carried out in collaboration with the personnel committee. The department also offers holiday placements for upper secondary school children as children's rights developers, and regularly offers placements for university students.
Youth project through TD - an accessibility database Read more about this work in the latest issue of Arbetslust (Desire to Work), on pages 6 and 7

Organisation grants and project grants

The department processes the allocation of grants to organisations and projects in civil society that work for human rights in various ways. Organisation grants are available for disability organisations, associations representing national minorities, LGBT organisations, child welfare organisations and so on.
Grants for organisations and projects


The department of human rights administrates two scholarships for the committee on human rights. The committee allocates one scholarship for work with promoting human rights and one scholarship for athletes with disabilities.
Sports scholarships for disabled people and work with human rights