School Meals Academy theme kit

 school pupils

Invite parents and pupils to a theme day in your school. Here are exciting suggestions, fun ideas and all the material you need for a theme day that will stimulate interest in food, environment and health. This theme kit has been compiled in conjunction with Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies and the Swedish EcoFoodCentre.

Ask the panel of experts

Introduce pupils and their parents to the school meals staff and let them ask questions about the school meals. Why not have a “panel of experts” where the school meals staff can answer questions about how what we eat affects health and environment? The pupils can prepare their questions beforehand during a lesson.

School restaurantThe pupils’ own ideas

What kind school cafeteria do we want? What’s our favourite snack? Let the pupils lead a discussion about food and the environment. A blind test with organic and conventionally cultivated bananas is usually a popular feature that the pupils can arrange themselves. Read more about banana cultivation in the values exercise below.

The school nurse talks about breakfast…

Let the school health care talk about how their view of how the pupils eat. What can the school nurse do to promote good eating habits?

Home economics and consumer science for the future

What do we learn in home economics and consumer science? This is a chance to highlight a school subject that gives the pupils the opportunity to care for their own health and the environment – today and for the rest of their lives.

Strong legs with more sport

Food and sport belong together. How does your school make sport fun? Perhaps the sports teachers and recreation instructors can tell us more?

A local talent

Is there someone who can make their own special contribution to good eating habits in your school? Look around your immediate environment – the school cafeteria, the pupil council or the farm across the other side of the fields. Let your school show the way to pleasure in eating, together with the surrounding community.

Spread the word about the School Meals Academy

Take the opportunity to talk about participating in the School Meals Academy and what this has meant for you and your school. Maybe you can check in our website and demonstrate it on a big screen?

Our material for a rewarding afternoon

The School Meals Academy theme kit

Theme kitUsing our theme kit parents and pupils can learn more about school meals, good eating habits and nutrition.

Invitation – parents are invited to come to the school to enjoy a school meal with their child or children and take part in a theme afternoon.
You can download the invitation in English here>>

Activities – quiz competition about food and the environment, with answer key.
Values exercise about banana cultivation.

Recipes for the school kitchen staff – organic menus with recipes for 7 main courses and 4 salad buffets.


For more information about any of the above, please contact project manager Ulrika Brunn here >>