Landscape & Tourism Conference

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Organised by NECSTouR, RECEP - ENELC and Region Västra Götaland 22-24 November 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden

What story does your landscape tell your tourists?

The natural landscape sets the stage for a great tourism experience. The landscape, however, is constantly changing, as it is affected by climate change, urbanisation, infrastructure and the emergence of alternative energy sources. These changes can be positive or negative for tourism, but also offer new opportunities. It is essential that we understand these challenges if we are to make wise decisions and create a sustainable tourism industry, which is able to flourish in a well-planned landscape.

Conference topics

1. The importance of landscapes for tourism - the impact of tourism on landscapes
2. Strategic landscape planning that involves tourism
3. Landscapes versus Tourism - a challenge for sustainable development
4. South and North Europe – what different conditions do they face when planning for tourism?