Nordic Urban Laboratory 2016

Filmed material from the conference Nordic Urban Laboratory 6-8 april

The second open Nordic gathering of urbanists and city planners, artists, researchers and academics, students, community organizers and activists to look at alternative urban strategies and practice in the Nordic countries where artistic practice and a broad cultural approach is key.

This three day intense Lab will give an overview of both current European and Nordic trends and experience but also focus on a number of key projects in more detail. There will also be the opportunity to share your project or initiative in workshop sessions.

The broad term “cultural planning” has been used to cover many different approaches of “culturally driven urban processes” and we see evidence that this approach is being widely adopted at neighborhood level and at town/ city level in the Nordic countries. So there is a growing need to create an open forum / platform where exchange of practice, experience and methods can take place.

One of the overall aims of the three Nordic Urban Labs (2014 – 2017) is to develop an open toolkit which can inform and support cities communities and artists/cultural NGO’s to develop their own practice in the field.

6 keynotes will give an overview of European and Nordic trends and highlight current issues and methods where urban development and cultural processes interact. 20 themed presentations will look at best practice models on project, neighborhood and city levels. 6 workshop sessions will cover three main aspects of cultural planning: activating community involvement / ownership; ensuring socially sustainable models of change; using artistically and creative driven urban processes.

So, whether you are into cultural mapping, pop up architecture, psychogeography, social sculpture, artists in residence, community and citizen driven initiatives, culturally driven development, place-making, the performative city, temporary urbanism, cultural acupuncture, outreach and audience development, site specific art, locative media projects, the Nordic Urban Lab is the place to be informed and inspired.


Sofia Lubian

Telefon: 0700-20 62 49