About MoRE

What is MoRE?

MoRE is a mobility programme run by Region Västra Götaland and co-financed by the EU within the framework of the Fp7-People-COFUND programme. MoRE is a tool to strengthen research-driven clusters in Västra Götaland, increase transnational mobility and improve the career development of individual researchers.

Who can apply?

The MoRE applicant is a research and innovation milieu in Västra Götaland together with a highly experienced researcher (PhD degree during the period January 1 2000 – December 31 2009). The Programme supports both incoming as well as outgoing mobility and is open to researchers of all nationalities.

Which research topics are supported?

MoRE research and innovation projects need to relate to one of the following research and innovation intensive areas:

1) Sustainable transport solutions

2) Life science

3) Green chemistry

4) Marine environment and maritime sector

5) Urban development

6) Material sciences

7) Sustainable production

8) Information and communication technologies

9) Energy

10) Textile/fashion/design

11) Cultural and creative industry

12) Food production/green industries

13) Tourism

What does the funding cover?

The funding covers 75 % of the:

  • Salary including employer’s contribution
  • OH (can be max 50 % of the salary and employer’s contribution)
  • Travel costs and compensation for increased living costs
  • Research costs and training activities 

How to apply?

There will be a minimum of three calls in the Programme. Proposals must be submitted by the specified deadlines, and are evaluated by external independent experts in relation to a series of predetermined evaluation criteria.

Grant period

The grant period is 12 months and it must be started no later than 12 months after the applicant receive the letter of approval.

Where is Västra Götaland?

You find Västra Götaland in the center of Scandinavia between the three Scandinavian capitals Olso, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Göteborg (Gothenburg) is the biggest city in Västra Götaland and the second biggest city in Sweden.

 Map Scandinavia - Västra Götaland