Questions and answers

Who can apply?

Where does the researcher need to be employed?

The employer is always the research and innovation milieu in Västra Götaland.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit.

Who will manage the grant?

The grant will be managed by the employing research and innovation milieu in Västra Götaland.

How should the grant be co-funded?

The research and innovation milieu in Västra Götaland shall co-fund the projects to the amount of 25 % of the total budget. This applies to both incoming and outgoing examples. This must clearly be demonstrated in the budget. In practice, the co-funding may be shared by the organisations involved as evidence of active support provided for the researcher. However the co-funding must not consist of other EU-funding.

How can companies participate in the programme?

The programme is focused on triple-helix collaborations. Projects with collaboration between academia/industry/public sector are encouraged. It is though prohibited that a sole company gains an advantage over its competitors in the participating research and innovation milieu and thus distort competition. The project and its results must be open and transparent within the cluster.

How to apply

What language should I use?

The application, as well as the other appendices, should be written in English as Region Västra Götaland uses international reviewers.

What happens if the application is incomplete?

According to the eligibility criteria, the application has to be complete. As an applicant, you must ensure that the application is complete and that all appendices have been included. 

Are there any documents that must be submitted in paper form?

Yes. Please submit the signed originals to:

Region Västra Götaland 
Secretariat of Regional Development
Therese Ydrén/MoRE
Box 1091 
SE-405 23 Göteborg 

Please also send an electronic copy by e-mail to  . The documents that do not require signatures (i.e. the project description, the career plan, the CV, recommendation letters and supporting budget documents) only needs to be sent by e-mail to  .


How to get assistance


If I have a question about the content of the application?

Please contact the MoRE Management Team.

Process after the application has been submitted


How will I know that my application has been registered?

All applicants will receive a confirmation that their application has been registered. 

What happens if the application arrives late?

An application will not be eligible if it arrives late. If we receive your application late, it will be rejected without review.

What do I do if I want to make a change in an already registered application?

This is not possible. 

Is my application a public document?

Yes, once it has been registered.

How and when will the decision be made public?

The announcement of funded projects will be published on our website Notification of decisions will be sent to all applicants. 

What is the Abstract used for?

If your application is awarded funding, Region Västra Götaland will have the right to publish the Abstract – for example, on the Region Västra Götaland web site. The abstract will also be used in choosing experts for review.



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