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About us

The Cultural Development Administration mobilises know-how and expertise in art in all its forms, in our natural and cultural heritage, and in the running of museums and visitor destinations. It also focuses on bringing cultural perspectives to the fore across every area, including sustainability, accessibility, and activities for children and young people.

The Cultural Development Administration in Västra Götaland is responsible not only for culture but also for our natural and cultural heritage. We are a knowledge-based organisation that serves the municipal authorities within the region, as well as civil society, cultural organisations, and other bodies working within these areas. We cooperate across regional, national, and international boundaries, and one of our many strengths is our capacity to create new networks and collaborative ventures that unite people and organisations. The Administration was founded on 1 January 2020 following the merger of the former administrations Kultur i Väst and Västarvet. 

Updated: 2021-05-12 16:14