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Our mission

Our mission is to promote a rich and varied cultural life in a truly cohesive Västra Götaland. Our culture, natural heritage, and cultural heritage are intrinsic and irreplaceable values that function as a driving force for development, sustainability, and good health.

The Cultural Development Administration will contribute to creating and maintaining a rich and varied cultural life that reaches out to people in the region by

  • offering municipal authorities and civil society in Västra Götaland specialist expertise in all matters relating to culture and our natural and cultural heritage.
  • operating six museums and visitor destinations: Forsviks Bruk, Gothenburg Natural History Museum, Lödöse Museum, Crafts & Building Conservation, Vitlycke Museum, and Vänersborg Museum
  • utilising its capacity and expertise in the coordination and implementation of projects and activities at the request of and in collaboration with municipal authorities and civil society in Västra Götaland
  • running projects at the request of and in collaboration with municipal authorities and civil society in Västra Götaland
  • assuming responsibility for running and developing regional library services in association with the municipal authorities in Västra Götaland

The Administration also has the clearly defined remit of identifying the needs of other bodies in the region and using those needs as a basis for generating the potential for people throughout the whole of Västra Götaland to benefit from a rich and varied cultural life. 


The Cultural Development Administration has a board that is appointed by and reports to the Västra Götaland Regional Council. The board discharges its duties and responsibilities in strict compliance with the Administration’s rules, policies, and guidelines. The board has an agreement with the Cultural Affairs Committee on the orientation and priorities that will direct the work of the Administration in the years to come.

The Regional Development Strategy is a key governing document for the Administration.  

The rules, policies and guidelines lay down the structure and detail of the board’s remit.

The Västra Götaland Cultural Strategy and the Regional Culture Plan 2020-2023 outline the region’s initiatives and investments and how we and other cultural organisations will work to make a permanent and pioneering contribution to cultural life throughout the region.  

The vision set out in the sustainable regional development plan – A Good Life – presents the region’s cultural, natural heritage, and cultural heritage goals in a broader context as part of a concerted effort to promote cultural sustainability, a cohesive region, the health of the individual, and the development of industry.

Updated: 2021-05-12 16:18