Conservation of different materials

Vi ser uppifrån en kvinna som arbetra med konserveringen av en galjonsfigur i trä. Galjonsfigurens detaljer går inte längre att urskilja, den är nött och sliten. Men det syns att det är en människofigur.

Conservation means keeping or extending the life of something, and conservation of cultural and historical objects, buildings or environments involves slowing the breakdown of materials.

This means either taking active measures on the object, such as removing corrosion, or controlling the environment so that the humidity is not too high or too low.


Restoration means bringing something back to its original condition, which may be needed to use or handle the object, or to understand it visually. It could involve replacing a leg on a bureau that has been attacked by woodworm, or retouching a painting where some of the paint has flaked away. In many cases both conservation and restoration are required, but different objects need different treatment. Our conservators are specialised in many different materials and have long experience in assessing damage and necessary measures. You can read more about our different areas of specialisation and orientation here.