Glass, ceramics, porcelain and plaster

En kvinna limmar försiktigt en skärva på kanten av ett stort keramikfat. Hon har ljusblå latexhandskar på sig. I förgrunden står en burk med olika penslar i.

Accidents happen so easily! But if all the parts can be found, a repair can be almost completely invisible.

Glass, ceramics, porcelain and plaster objects are often damaged through shattering. Conservation is often a matter of joining parts together and filling the cracks. Sometimes we need to make new parts for restoration projects.

In many cases the objects are also very dirty. Glass, ceramics and porcelain are stable materials which are not affected by moisture in the surrounding environment, as well as being easier to clean. Plaster, on the other hand, is hygroscopic and attracts moisture. Its surface is porous and irregular, allowing dirt to fasten easily.

Studio Västsvensk Konservering takes in small articles of glass, porcelain, ceramics, marble, mosaic, stoneware, concrete and plaster, and we also work together with building-related materials such as mosaics, tiles, glass decorations and windows.

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Carin Pettersson

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