Conservation of paper

ett bord med äldre papper, böcker och tryck. På bordsytan skymtar verktyg och redskap.

We take care of damaged objects in paper, such as books, documents and art. We restore art, organise book collections and archives, clean fire damaged materials, improve storage conditions and give advice on damage prevention.

Book collections

Old books, collections of books and other written documents are a vital part of our cultural heritage. Based on the owner’s wishes and requirements, Studio Västsvensk Konservering helps to take care of collections of old books and documents in the right way. Among others, target groups are local heritage associations, archives, museums, schools and libraries.

Damage caused to books and paper is usually through careless handling and poor storage. However, decay may also be a result of the materials themselves. Some printer ink oxidises and damages the paper.

In order to minimise the process of decay in paper documents, there are three general guidelines for storage: dry, cool and dark. These conditions reduce the risk of damage due to damp, mould and insects such as silverfish, bookworms and beetles. Bright light, particularly direct sunlight, is very harmful to books and papers.


Graphics, watercolours and other art on paper have often been exposed to damp, water, bright light or poor mounting on acidic back paper, which may cause discolouration and stains such as "foxing” - small brown spots caused by iron particles and mould.

Another way of reducing wear on some books/documents is to scan them. The original can then be stored in an archive while the contents are still available through digital copies.

We have a very large vacuum freeze dryer in which we can dry large amounts of paper material after floods and such like. We also offer help with: Damage inventories, organising book collections and advice on better security against fire and theft. Read more about this under the heading Collection Management.

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