Fields of activity

Konservatorer arbetar med inventering och katalogisering i en kyrka.

SVKs core activity is preventive and includes active conservation, giving advice, education and training activities. Our target groups mainly include the institutions and activities of the public community, within the county of Västra Götaland, but also private personsassociations, corporations and other institutions.

The methods and techniques for the different work areas of the conservator are often similar, but the different fields of activity have different needs and prerequisites, due for example to legislation and type of organization. Below we give a short introduction to some of the areas we are working in.

En kvinna med gul varselväst och blå bygghjälm sitter på knä och arbetar med ett föremål som är delvis dolt i jorden.

Archaeological commissions and conservation

Studio Västsvensk Konservering has many years’ experience of close collaboration with archaeologists and the conservation of archaeological finds in all categories of material. We have access to X-ray equipment and a laboratory in our spacious facilities but we can also work in the field, regardless of whether the find is on land or in water.

I förgrunden syns en stor , färggrann sammetsridå. I bakgrunden står två kvinnor och arbetar med den. Den ena har en tröja med texten Konservator på ryggen.

Public art

Studio Västsvensk Konservering has sound experience of working with public art. You can read more about our offers to municipalities, the region and the state here.

En kvinna står vid ett bord i ett kyrkorum och arbetar med en dator. Kyrkorummet är i tegel. Till höger syns en dekoration på väggen.

Religious cultural heritage

Studio Västsvensk Konservering has long experience of working with religious cultural heritage issues: inventories, care and maintenance plans, action programmes and the conservation of different types of church artefacts.

En person försedd med munskydd står böjd över en mycket möglig tavla. I handen har personen ett mycket litet dammsugarmunstycke som hen rengör tavlan med.

Collection managers

Studio Västsvensk Konservering has a long experience of collection management. We carry out commissions for all types of materials and formats and we are able to offer special solutions for every unique object or collection.