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Charlotte Rudbeck

Charlotte intill en skulptur

Charlotte Rudbeck, cultural historical/archaeological conservation, department of conservation, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

After first having studied classical archaeology and ancient history I wanted to work more “hands on” with the actual objects and so shifted my focus towards a more practical approach and applied to konservatorsprogrammet. During my internship at SVK, I’ve focused my work on inorganic material, primarily stone, plaster and glass, but also metals and archaeologic materials. I’ve worked with many different types of objects, historical as well as modern, which gave me a wide array of insight into the different methods and knowledge that I, as a conservator, will have to use. The learning process has been top-notch, with clear instructions for everything that required it, but also allowing for plenty of independency. Getting to work this way has strengthened my self-confidence and forced me to really think and act more professionally. All this, together with a very inclusive and welcoming environment, helped make my internship at SVK both fun, instructive and inspiring!


Updated: 2020-10-14 13:25