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Lara Haps

Lara Madita Haps, Konservierung und Restaurierung von archäologischem Kulturgut und kunsthandwerklicher Objekte, Fachhochschule Erfurt – University of applied sciences, Germany

My bachelor studies in conservation of historical and archaeological objects consists of a practical semester of four months and Studio Västsvensk Konservering was my opportunity to work with conservators of different specializations in one studio. The topics I worked at SVK were metal and archaeological objects and besides several different projects and experiences I had the possibility to work and finish two deeply interesting main objects from different excavations in Sweden: a block-lift from Garnisonskyrkogården containing various materials and a ”spännbuckla” from Östra Fyrislund, which was treated under the supervision of Inger Nyström Godfrey. During my practical work at SVK I could train my already learned knowledge and due to excellent instructions study new ways of treatment and dealing with complicated damage symptoms. This time not only strengthened my work experience but also self-awareness for my future career and for me it was an invaluable period with the most heartwarming atmosphere.


Updated: 2020-10-14 13:25