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Information to patients

What is an LGBTQ-certified facility?

An LGBTQ-certified facility means that all members of staff have taken part in a process training programme with a focus on gender and sexual norms. The aim is for the facility to be accessible and for everyone to be treated with care and respect, regardless of their gender identity, gender expression or sexuality. Read more about the content and goals set out in the training programme.

How was your visit? Your views are important!
By sharing your views and opinions with us, we can continue to develop LGBTQ certification and ensure that an LGBTQ-certified facility lives up to the goals set out in the training programme. You can choose to remain anonymous. If you would like us to get back to you, feel free to give us your contact details.
You can share your views and opinions with us here:

You will find all LGBTQ-certified facilities here.

Have you visited an LGBTQ-certified facility? You can tell us your views and opinions in the box below.

Updated: 2019-11-12 10:10