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Emina Hadžibajramović



Doctor of Medical Science

Fil. Lic. statistik, Statstician
Tel: +46 31-342 07 14

Research Areas

Working as a statistician in close collaboration with applied researchers made me realise that there is a gap between statistical theory and solutions on the one hand and praxis in medical research on the other hand. So my mission is to bring these together. Therefore my research is both methodological and applied. Given the fact that many epidemiological studies are observational and that data are collected by means of self-reported questionnaires, intrigued me to focus on analysis of ordinal data. This resulted in licentiate thesis in statistics 2013. Measurement properties, validation and further development of multi-item questionnaires is another topic of interest in my research. Year 2015 I defended my doctoral thesis in medical science, which was based on data material from KART-study (Aspects of validity in stress research). As regards applied research, longitudinal association of psychosocial working conditions and stress-related ill-health have so far been in focus.

I teach statistics at basic and advanced levels. As an adjunct lecturer at the Health Metrics unit at the Sahlgrenska Academy I participate at bachelor, master and doctoral courses in statistics.

Ongoing Projects

I am involved in most of the ISMs ongoing research projects in my role as statistical expertise. Currently analysis of sick-leave, work ability and return to work are my main area of interest. Development of questionnaires and application of novel statistical methods for analysis of questionnaire data is an ongoing and never-ending project.


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