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Robin Jonsson

PhD Student

Phone: +46 3-342 07 15

Research Areas

I am a PhD candidate interested in the various work-place related aspects that influences older workers abilities to continue participate in late work life. The research is carried out in a collaboration between Institution of Sociology and Work Science at University of Gothenburg and Institute of stress medicine (ISM).

Ongoing Projects

 I am part of the interdisciplinary project ”Arbetskraft” active in Gothenburg and Lund.

 I am also part of AgeCap (LEXLIV) and National Graduate School On Ageing And Health (SWEAH).


Jonsson R, Lindegård A, Björk L, Nilsson K.
Organizational hindrances to the retention of Older Healthcare workers
Nordic Journal of Working Life, 2020

Jonsson, R. Lidwall, U. Holmgren, K. 
Does unbalanced gender composition in the workplace influence the association between psychosocial working conditions and sickness absence? 
IOS Press (2013)

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