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Plan for human rights

Human rights are founded on the principle that every human being is born free and equal in value, dignity and rights. Every human being should enjoy the same human rights without distinction. Human rights work requires the adoption of legal, ethical and political standpoints. Human rights work involves a shift in power and resources to reinforce the equal standing of each and every individual.

"For every Human Being” describes and set out work on realising and safeguarding the human rights of every person in Region Västra Götaland during the period 2017–2020 in concrete terms.

The Action Plan includes 12 prioritised goals with associated measures and core indicators. These have been produced through broad-based dialogue with the different operating units within Region Västra Götaland and civil society in order to create a plan that is as up to date and relevant as possible. The aim is to reinforce the human rights of the Region’s inhabitants and its employees, and to contribute to a more sustainable Västra Götaland.

Updated: 2018-12-28 14:00