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Två unga kvinnor som fixar fika

Region Västra Götaland promotes integration through initiatives that aim to help newly arrived residents and residents with immigrant backgrounds to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

This involves ensuring that foreign-born residents can:

  • Support themselves, either as employees or as self-employed businesspeople
  • Utilise their education and/or vocational skills
  • Participate in cultural life and clubs and associations on the same terms as other residents
  • Enjoy good health

In cooperation with the Västra Götaland County Administrative Board, we also support activities that help asylum seekers enjoy a meaningful life while they wait for the results of their application to be decided on. These activities include language lessons, help with homework, help making contact with employers, and cultural and recreational activities. For the most part, volunteer organisations organise these activities in cooperation with municipalities hosting large numbers of asylum-seekers.

Welcome Center

Welcome Center is a meeting place for both long-time and new residents of Götene Municipality. Here, asylum seekers, newly arrived and other residents can receive help to make contact with employers, local clubs and associations, public authorities and healthcare providers.

Information about Sweden

A portal for new arrivals in Sweden with information about Swedish society. Here is everything gathered in one and the same place in several different languages.

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