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Food and Agriculture

Foto:Ulrika Brunn

Region Västra Götaland’s approach to long-term sustainable food supply is based on its commission to promote regional development and our residents’ health.

Västra Götaland is characterised by a strong food and agriculture sector, and the region has naturally favourable conditions for agriculture, gardening, fishing and maritime food production. Primary production constitutes an important basis for processing industries, and in extension for businesses in the retail and restaurant sectors.

Our strategies for a sustainable food chain

Strategies within this field are designed to achieve a sustainable food provisioning and consumption, through sustainable business growth and employment. Initiatives are formed within three areas of priority:

  1. increased industry competiveness through mobilisation and innovation
  2. enhanced competence supply and attractiveness of the sector
  3. sustainable food consumption.

Partners in the food and agriculture sector

Important actors in the innovation system of the food and agriculture sector include among others: 


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