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Life science

Västra Götaland's life science sector is at the forefront of the sector nationally and internationally.

Life science holds a significant place in the smart specialisation strategy (S3) of Västra Götaland. The sector benefits from renowned research and development environments including University och Gothenburg, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, as well as strong private industry actors and a well developed innovation support system.

Region Västra Götaland, the single largest healthcare provider in the region, aims to further strengthen sustainable growth and increase employment in the private life science sector in the region and also to enhance the innovation capacity of its own hospital organisation and to facilitate collaboration between private and public actors.

The three areas of priority are:

  1. innovation and business growth
  2. research and innovation infrastructure within the healthcare system, and
  3. research and development collaboration.

Jenny Almkvist

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Updated: 2018-07-04 09:03