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En vithårig man och en blond kvinna står över att tråg med vatten. De håller i ett gulnat pappersark med ett mansporträtt, delvis nedsänkt i vattnet.

We are happy to accept both Swedish and international trainees. Meet our most recent interns and hear what they think of their time at Studio Västsvensk Konservering!

Studio Västsvensk Konservering offers a thorough training in theoretical and hands-on conservation for students doing their conservation/restoration education at university level, for shorter or longer periods. Our specialists have long experience with conservation of cultural heritage objects, buildings and environments in the following fields: Paper and books, paintings and painted objects, archaeological and marine archaeological materials, textiles, metals stone, ceramics and glass, wood and furniture.

Exciting work-and-learn environment

We will give you the opportunity to work on a broad range of objects under professional supervision and we provide an exciting work-and-learn environment in all departments of the studio. You will also get the opportunity to work in the field with outdoor public art, built and industrial heritage environments and in museums, churches and other buildings. 

Both Swedish and international students are welcome and we have had the pleasure to host among others Norwegian, Finnish, French, English, German, American and Japanese students in the past. Read more about their SVK experience below.


To apply for a placement please fill in our application form which you can find here.

Send it to svk@vgregion.se along with an official request of your educational institute (SVK only accepts college and university graduates in conservation/restoration), and together with a personal letter in which you present yourself, your education and your expectations.  

For internships during the fall semester the last date of application is the 1st of March, and for spring semester the 1st of October.

If you have any questions, please contact Sara Roberts

Sara Roberts, +4610-441 43 27, sara.roberts@vgregion.se


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