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Ayaka Ajiki

En ung kvinna med ett falsben i plast i handen arbetar med en stor jordglob. Hon ser mycket koncentrerad - men glad - ut.

Second year Undergraduate in Conservation in Cultural Heritage, University of Lincoln, England

It was a field trip to the Singapore Heritage Conservation Centre that opened my eyes to the world of conservation. While studying Art History, I was intrigued by the lives, stories and values that were contained within objects. I sought to pursue conservation in hopes to play a part in enabling the longevity of these objects. Accompanied by having worked in a print and paper gallery cum studio, I have gained a significant area of interest on paper based objects. I am currently pursuing a degree in Conservation at the University of Lincoln and will progress on to specialise in paper conservation. In pursuit of my specialisation, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be attached to the paper conservation studio at SVK despite my limited experience.

During my 4-month internship, I had a great time learning from Martin Ericson, senior paper
conservator, working alongside him primarily on treating and restoring the Von Tschudi of Glarus Family Tree. Together, we tackled the processes of washing, consolidation and retouching the print. For its treatment, my practical and critical thinking skills were greatly challenged as we explored unconventional conservation methods. Furthermore, I got to learn about the considerations and decision making processes involved when working on an object with large dimensions. This internship has expanded my repertoire in paper conservation as I was also given the opportunity to acquire and practice various repair techniques, adhesive removal methods as well as cleaning and housing bound volumes. I was also fortunate enough to be entrusted with retouching and repairing objects independently, which improved my confidence level when it comes to treating objects.

SVK is indeed ideal for aspiring conservators due to its supportive and positive environment. The opportunity to be mentored and educated by professionals of their practice is without a doubt, a prominent asset of SVK. It has positively impacted my personal and professional development and expanded my skills and knowledge capacity. My time at SVK had been immensely fulfilling and I am grateful for the opportunities offered. It has undeniably provided a positive experiential learning experience. I can say with confidence that this was a once in a life time experience and I will keep this memory near and dear to my heart.

Senast uppdaterad: 2020-10-14 13:25