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Cato van Breugel

en ung blond kvinna med glasögon sitter vid ett arbetsbord. Hon tittar in i kameran och ler.

Conservation in Cultural Heritage, undergraduate level, University of Lincoln, England

I had a wonderful 3 months at SVK with Martin, the paper conservator, as my mentor! Martin helped me improve my conservation skills by teaching me his way of cleaning, washing, drying and bleaching prints, and he gave me lots of useful articles and books to study. I was also given an insight in all the other areas of conservation by the other lovely members of SVK! I enjoyed working together with Carl on a project in which I had to design a box for a metal crown :)

The people at SVK are a very welcoming group of people that taught me lots of new things about conservation but also gave me lots of tips about what to do in Göteborg and Sweden!

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