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Karin Hindborg

En leende kvinna arbetar med en vit mässhake som hänger på en ställning intill henne. Hon håller en ask nålar i sin ena hand, och med den andra nålar hon på mässhaken. Hon har ett måttband runt halsen.

Conservation student, Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg

My name is Karin Hindborg and I´m studying to become a conservator at the University of Gothenburg. During my fifth semester I have been doing my internship at SVK for three months. It has been three fun, educational and intense months. I strongly recommend SVK for an internship placement. They are used to accept internships and have a structure for the weeks of the internship. They are very nice and caring and really want you to grow as much as possible. At the textile department there are 7 hired conservators and they have all helped me develop in different areas.

During my time at SVK I have been able to work with three projects that where my own. I have also been helping out with a lot of others. Apart from my projects I have been given parts of the education that used to be included in the textile specialisation of the BA in conservator. I really appreciated that. If there was anything I wanted to try out, I asked my intern supervisor and she helped arranging it.

It was a very positive experience to see the cooperation between different fields in conservation. It is a big advantage to have different fields in the same workplace. You can take advantage of each others expertise and tools.

During my time at SVK I have grown and developed my skills very much. The internship is really an important part of the education.

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